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Throughout her career in education, Nicole has presented and been invited to speak at several schools, conferences, podcasts, and webinars.


Coaching Related

  • Water the Flowers, Not the Rocks: Lessons Learned from a Decade of Coaching

  • How to Build an Instructional Technology Coaching Program that Impacts Practice

  • What Do You Do All Day? Data in Coaching

  • Staying Curious: How I Connect, Grow, and Share as a Coach

  • Know Your Gogies: Understanding Adult Learners & Coaching Different Generations

Professional Learning Networks

  • Paving the Path of Your PLN

  • PLNs for Professional Growth

Technology in Education​​

  • Media Literacy 101

  • Growing Up in a Digital Age: Understanding Generation Z

  • Internet 101: Stuff You Pretend to Know but Really Don’t

  • Google Tips & Tricks for Productivity & Workflow

  • Google Tips & Tricks

  • Are You Media Literate?

  • Is Your Class Content Accessible?

  • Home-Grown PD: Don't Wait for Your District

  • Principles of Design for Educators

  • Active Learning, Elementary Style

  • Technology Road Trip: Designing Summer Professional Learning for Educators

  • Get Started with Digital Literacy

  • Tell Your Story with Twitter

  • Formative Assessment in a Digital Age

  • The Promise and Pitfalls of Ed Tech: What parents need to know

Remote Learning

  • Best Practices to Transition to Online Learning Today (webinar, 200+ participants)

  • Marie Kondo Your Remote Learning Classroom

  • Next Steps in Virtual Instruction


Conferences, Webinars & Podcasts

  • ISTE: Denver, San Antonio, New Orleans & Philadelphia 

  • TCEA: Austin, Texas

  • Digital Promise's Powerful Coaching Summit presenter and panelist

  • Sibme Better Together conference

  • Illinois Democracy Schools' Civics for All annual convening

  • LTC Digital Literacy conference

  • DITCHEDCon Presenter & Featured Speaker

  • Eastern Illinois University Social Studies conference

  • Illinois Education and Technology Conference Featured Speaker, Presenter & Keynote panelist

  • Mt. Vernon Conference

  • Raising Student Achievement Conference

  • SAMRi Teacher Camp

  • Summer Spark Conference, Wisconsin

  • Ask the Tech Coach podcast

  • The Suite Talk podcast

  • Today's Tech Coach podcast

  • University of St. Francis webinar

  • ISTE Ed Tech Coaches webinar

  • Learning Technology Center of Illinois webinars

  • IL Raise Your Hand for Public Education panelist

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